How to place a bet?


How to place a bet?

You can find the list of events and odds on the sports or Live betting without registration in browse mode.. You will be able to place the bets after being registered..

After registering, you are required to log in. Enter your account number (login) and password in the appropriate fields. When no funds are available, you can deposit your account in Deposits.

Funds would be immediately available. If your cash balance is positive, you are able to place a bet.

  1. On the homepage select the menu item Sports or Live Betting
  2. Select the events and click on “Download sports” button
  3. A line with the odds will be generated. To add an event to the Bet slip, click on the appropriate odds and the event will appear in the bet list.
  4. Select the bet type Single, Multi Bet, System (learn more in the Rules, examples)
  5. Enter the bet amount
  6. Click on "Place a bet" button
  7. Bet acceptance details will appear in the popup window, when accepting a bet, the amount is automatically withdrawn from your account
  8. To receive your payments, select Withdrawals

How to register?

To register on the site go to Register Now. Fill out the fields in the new window carefully. Please note that registration data should be accurate.

Do not use your name, your date of birth or your phone number when choosing a password since it can be easily cracked. Use a unique combination of characters. Your password should be no less than 6 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters and digits.

“Your favorite sports club” and “Your best friend’s name” fields are the tips that will help you in case you forget your password. They are also required for withdrawals of funds through electronic payment systems.

After pressing Register, you will see your login (remember it). Please note that your login is your User ID as well.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forget your password, send the request to Specify the answers to the questions you filled at registration (“Your favorite sports club” and “Your best friend’s name”) in this letter. If you do not remember the answers to the security questions then send all details you entered at registration. In the email specify “Password reset” subject

Browser Requirements

To use all of the features of the site, you are required to enable JavaScript. Any browser as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or newer versions of these browsers can be used. If you notice any warning messages stating that your browser does not support JavaScript on the site, then you are required to enable it.

Internet Explorer

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer perform the following steps:

Main Menu → Tools → Internet Options... → tab Security → Custom Level... → section Scripting → Active Scripting - Select "Enable" or "Prompt"

in Russian version:

Main Menu → Service → Internet Options... → tab Security → Custom Level... → section Scripting → Active Scripting - Select "Enable" or "Allow"


To enable JavaScript in Opera perform the following:

Press the F12 key to open express settings menu and click on "Enable Javascript" icon in English version, and press “to run JavaScript” icon in Russian version


To enable JavaScript in Firefox perform the following:

Main Menu → Tools → Options → Content → Select "Enable Javascript"

in Russian version:

Main Menu → Tools → Settings → Content → Select "Use Javascript"


To enable JavaScript in Chrome perform the following:

Main Menu → Settings → Settings → Personal details → Content settings... → Javascript → select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)